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Avatar This is my personal/portfolio site which I publish items of interest, scripts, technical information and ramblings.

This site has evolved from being my test folder for scripts and designs into what you see today.;sonic

[Zune Card]Saturday 13th August 2011

AerganDecided to write a PHP based XML Paser for it as the Flash based one is unreliable and creates a massive performance hit.

Posted by: Aergan

[Linksys WAG320N]Saturday 16th July 2011

AerganAfter initial teething problems this POS router has left me seething.

  1. Can't maintain a WAN connection for longer than 24 hours.
  2. Can't enable port based QoS without causing the router to crash.
  3. Enabling WMM for Wireless triggers WiFi isolation despite it being turned OFF.
  4. DHCP leese times drop clients on expiry and reallocates all active in-use IP addresses.
  5. ADSL modem component decides to randomly redial the connection when the connection is active.
Avoid at all costs.

I have repaired a DG834GT (Just needed a new WiFi board) and will be sending Linksys back to Amazon UK.

Posted by: Aergan

[New Site]Sunday 10th July 2011

AerganNew site incoming.


All done. Should look great in or anything based on:
  • Mozilla FireFox 5+
  • Google Chrome 12+ / Safari 5.0.6+
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Using some HTML 5, CSS 3.0 and jscript.

    Posted by: Aergan

[Linksys WAG320N]Friday 8th July 2011

AerganPurchased a new router today after yet another Netgear failure. If it isn't a DG834GT, it has a seasonal lifespan.

Model in question is a Linksys by Cisco WAG320N.

Noticed that I could no longer get to my server via WiFi. Quick scan with iNet for iPhone confirms this and appears to be running in AP Isolation mode despite the factory default settings stating that this was dissabled. Joy.

The following rectifies it:

  1. Login to Router
  2. Click Wireless
  3. Click Advanced Wireless Settings
  4. Enable "AP Isolation"
  5. Save Settings
  6. Wait 20 seconds
  7. Disable "AP Isolation"
  8. Save Settings
  9. Wait 20 seconds
  10. Power off Router
  11. Wait 10 seconds
  12. Power back on - AP Isolation should be turned off correctly now.

One day we will all live in an utopian world where things work 'out of the box'.

CISCO Forums - WAG320N - LAN cleints cannot ping WLAN clients - ID:398183

Posted by: Aergan

[Windows 7 - Remote Desktop Jump List Not Working]Monday 27th June 2011

AerganAfter trying all the options I found the cause of my version of this issue.

Clear out: %AppData%MicrosoftWindowsRecentAutomaticDestinations
Open: Taskbar and Start Menu Properties -> Start Menu
Enable: Store and display recently opened items in the Start menu and the taskbar

Working fine now.

Posted by: Aergan

[Ashen]Sunday 10th April 2011

AerganExcelent reviews of cheap and knock off items with added British wit.

Posted by: Aergan

[Ubuntu 10.10 x64 - Apple Wireless Keyboard]Monday 28th March 2011

AerganI've finally been successful in getting the aforementioned to work together.

1. First, un-pair any Bluetooth devices and reboot.
2. Run the following to add Brian Rodgers PPA for Bluez [Linux Bluetooth Stack]
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:brian-rogers/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install bluez
3. Run this to remove any current Bluetooth configurations:
sudo rm -r /var/lib/bluetooth/* 4. Reboot
5. You can now pair the Apple Wireless Keyboard using Automatic Pin.
6. Reboot to check persistence in the setup.

Information gathered from the current Ubuntu Launchpad Bug tracker report:

Posted by: Aergan

[Xbox Live Down?]Monday 28th March 2011

AerganYesterday there appeared to be a routing issue for Xbox Live for UK dwellers which bamboozled my 9/10 kill streak challenge in Halo: Reach by disconnecting me mid-game.

All working again from last night though but had to do 10/10 kill streaks again.

Posted by: Aergan

[Resetting Windows 7 NTFS Permissions]Wednesday 9th March 2011

AerganAfter managing to make a bad situation worse, the following commands will reset NTFS permissions back to defaults. Launch an elevated command prompt and bash in the following as applicable.

For system drive:
secedit /configure /cfg %windir%\inf\defltbase.inf /db defltbase.sdb /verbose For non-system drives:
cd /driveletter: driveletter:
icacls * /T /Q /C /RESET

Posted by: Aergan

[Regedit Solves Everything - Windows 7 ISO Burner]Wednesday 23rd February 2011

AerganNoticed I had lost Windows 7's native ISO burning capabilities. I want to burn an ISO to reinstall Windows 7 to my Media Server....This is a bloody inconvienice.

Checked: Technet No solution as Windows can no longer write to a disc with data already written on it when using "Open With".

Fire open regedit:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




Now burning away like a dragon with a cold.

Posted by: Aergan

[Halo 2 [PC] - Guide for Windows 7 x64]Saturday 9th October 2010

AerganHalo 2 on Windows 7 x64, who would have thought that the pair would be so incompatible with each other.

Guide [Updated]:
1. Uninstall Windows Live Essentials, Reboot.
2. Install Windows Updates. Make sure that all Visual C++ ATL Updates for x86 & x64 are installed & reboot.
3. Install Halo 2.
4. Install Games for Windows Live from Microsoft.
5. Run Games for Windows Live, supply Windows Games Live account details & sign in.
6. Install Windows Live Essentials.
7. Reboot.
8. Save the below as "Halo 2 Fix.bat", you must run with elevated permissions if UAC is enabled.

@echo off
color 0a
echo ===========================================
echo Halo 2 - Windows 7 x64 - Aergan 2010 V1.0
echo ===========================================
echo Please run with elevated permissions.
net stop cryptsvc
echo Removing old dir
rmdir /S /Q "%SystemRoot%System32cr2old"
echo Renaming Catroot2
ren "%SystemRoot%System32Catroot2" "cr2old"
net start cryptsvc
echo You may now run Halo 2.

I have to run the script after before each time I want to play Halo 2 [PC]. The game creates a load of crap in Catroot2 when connected to Windows Games Live which causes it to fail on next run. I think it tries to clear the files on exit but doesn't on Windows 7 x64.

Steps above are at your own risk, I take no responsibility if it screws up your machine [Although with Halo 2, that happens all on its own]

Posted by: Aergan

[Halo Avatar Unlocks]Monday 27th September 2010

AerganLoving the avatar unlocks & Market Place:
./images/GFX/Avatars/Kat-avatar-body.png ./images/GFX/Avatars/Carter-avatar-body.png ./images/GFX/Avatars/Emile-avatar-body.png ./images/GFX/Avatars/Jun-avatar-body.png ./images/GFX/Avatars/ODST-avatar-body.png
Just need to earn Jorge's helmet and for Microsoft to send me Noble 6's.

Posted by: Aergan

[Halo: Reach]Sunday 26th September 2010


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Pre-order bonus of Recon helmet for in-game.

Posted by: Aergan

[DeathSpank 2 - ToV XBLA]Sunday 26th September 2010


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Time for justice!

Posted by: Aergan

[DeathSpank: ToV]Monday 6th September 2010

AerganCan't wait - 22nd September 2010 for XBLA.

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Posted by: Aergan

[iPhone 4.0.1 OS]Sunday 15th August 2010



Posted by: Aergan

[HTML5 & PHP5 Update]Saturday 7th August 2010

AerganDropping <TABLE>, adding DIV. HTML5 Spec & CSS 3.0 Spec taking over. Site validating as HTML5 & CSS 3.0 compliant via W3C.

Server host is now running PHP 5.3.X.

Not all pages updated yet but will be soon.

Posted by: Aergan

[Now with YouTube Embed Code Cross-browser Support]Thursday 5th August 2010

AerganThe following code is HTML5 compliant / WC3 Validates, works in; Safari 5.x, FireFox 3.6.x/4.0 Beta & Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.
<SPAN CLASS='YouTube'>
<OBJECT NAME='' DATA='' TYPE='application/x-shockwave-flash'>
<PARAM NAME='allowFullScreen' VALUE='true' />
<PARAM NAME='allowscriptaccess' VALUE='always' />
<PARAM NAME='movie' VALUE=''>
<A HREF='' TITLE='Visit :: Get Adobe Flash Player' TARGET='_blank'><IMG SRC='' ALT='Get Adobe Flash Player'></A>

Valid code that works cross-browser for Flash Embeds and Internet Explorer? Apparently so.
The secret? Notice no <EMBED /> tags & sets both DATA= and NAME= in <OBJECT>.
Size is controlled via <SPAN> and its style CLASS. Here is the CSS Code:
/* YouTUBE */
.YouTube { width: 640px; height: 380px; padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px; margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px; border: none; border-collapse: collapse; background: none; text-align: center; }
.YouTube OBJECT { width: 640px; height: 380px; padding: inherit; margin: inherit; border: inherit; background: inherit; text-align: center;}

Posted by: Aergan

[DeathSpank]Sunday 1st August 2010

AerganOne of the best games to grace the XBLA.

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Posted by: Aergan

[WoW Endeth]Sunday 1st August 2010

AerganI stopped playing a few months ago WoW [And canceled my account recently] so I've turned off the "WoW Armory" character listing for performance reasons.

Unsure if I shall return with the new expansion. Probably not.

Posted by: Aergan

[iPhone Vs CSS]Sunday 1st August 2010

AerganFatality! CSS Wins.

Fonts now rendering correctly on iPhone thanks to the below nifty bit of CSS.
html { -webkit-text-size-adjust:none ;} Bloody thing has been bugging me for a while.

Now to bring in PHP to avoid breaking W3C CSS Validation:
//iPhone Detection
Echo "
/* iPhone CSS Hack */
html { -webkit-text-size-adjust:none ;}

Posted by: Aergan

[Ubuntu 10.4]Monday 10th May 2010

AerganInstalled Ubuntu 10.4 over the weekend, running great so far.

Posted by: Aergan

[Bug Fixes]Wednesday 31st March 2010

AerganFinally updated all remaining sections to reflect layout changes.

Posted by: Aergan

[2010]Friday 1st January 2010

AerganHappy 2010 to all.

Posted by: Aergan

[Rage For Christmas No1]Tuesday 30th November 1999

AerganRage Against The Machine won in the UK charts for Christmas Number One.

Proof that the internet is mighty and broadcasted karaoke is not.

Posted by: Aergan

[Domain Change ::]Friday 4th December 2009

AerganI have registered a new domain

I've felt that the name is too long to keep managing and various other sites use "3vil" that are no way affiliated with my or my websites.

As of April 2010, will probably (At time of writing) vanish into the ether as I do not have plans to keep the renewal active for this domain name.

Not that I have a large target audience, but to those who have bookmarked my site please update them.

Posted by: Aergan

[Modded iPhone 3GS]Monday 23rd November 2009

AerganWith a bit of further modification:

Screenshots/iPhone/IMG_0091.PNG Screenshots/iPhone/IMG_0092.PNG
In other news, Puzzle-Bubble on Xbox Live Arcade is amazing.

Posted by: Aergan

[Guestbook]Saturday 31st October 2009

AerganCurrently down whilst I think of a sure way to remotely eviscerate spammers.

Posted by: Aergan

[More Updates]Sunday 27th September 2009

AerganError detection as to what status Blizzard's Armory servers have is very much a work in progress.

Site now set to 800px instead of 600px.

Major code optimisations, should load a lot faster compared to previously.

Posted by: Aergan

[Updates :: WoW Armory]Monday 21st September 2009

AerganBeen having a good time with reverse engineering the EU World Of Warcraft Armory's XML output and phrasing it via PHP. It's been a lot of fun so far and quite educational considering my experience with XML before this point has been sod and all.
Currently I'm able to request any character and recycle each request due to function definitions. Experimenting between a couple of ways to GET the XML output from Blizzard's servers at the moment to see which yields better performance.

I've also started to recreate site graphics in higher resolutions in Fireworks CS4. This is only the third time I've ever changed the main images for this site. These probably wont be done all in one go.

Posted by: Aergan

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