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Avatar This is my personal/portfolio site which I publish items of interest, scripts, technical information and ramblings.

This site has evolved from being my test folder for scripts and designs into what you see today.;sonic

[Xbox 360 Game Wont Install]Monday 9th April 2012

AerganHad major issues trying to install Sonic Generations on my Xbox 360S (320GB HDD) recently. Trying to install the game results in it hanging at the "Installing game" screen, just before the Storage Device selection prompt. I believe it's due to having Cloud Storage enabled because it's worked fine before.

To resolve this annoying issue, simply sign out of your profile then try installing the game again. Afterwards, you can sign back in and resume playing.

Posted by: Aergan

[Flaout 3: Chaos and Destruction - Really? Is it now...]Sunday 22nd January 2012

AerganWow, "Flatout 3: Chaos and Destruction" is total and complete crap. I'll rant about it here:

  1. Loading screens that don't actually display loading progress, just a pre-drawn bar stuck at 30% for 45 seconds.
  2. Team 6 decided to abandon 3 titles worth of game art, redraw them with a LiteBrite and scan them into the game using a hand-held barcode scanner.
  3. Why use Havok as a physics engine when you can use "IF (polyA.width = polyB.left) Then MoveAwaySlowly(polyA)" 20,000 times? Who ever heard of 3 polygons or more in a game anyway.
  4. Every thing is fully destructible! Except barriers, iron work, trees, railings, debris, parked cars, curbs, fences, plant life and dust.
  5. Boost doesn't only (not) make you go any faster, it makes you go up.
  6. That pesky water was everywhere on tracks in the first 3 FlatOut games but it's OK, they've removed it now - Entirely.
  7. Skidding and power-sliding woes? Cars now have greatly improved handling. They only go up, left and occasionally right now.
  8. If you have a 1080p display don't worry, they've filled up the entire left hand-side of the screen with the sonar display from the Nautilus.
  9. Controller? Xinput? Rumble? You speaketh in tongues, this is a PC game, who uses a controller on a PC? R for Respawn silly, and Up for Up!
  10. Characters are available in wide range of 3 formats; Celebrity rip offs, modeled on a lunch break and unfinished.
  11. Cars can be "tuned" to two unique presets; Classic (Broken beyond all repair) and Custom 2011 (Broken but can go left now and right occasionally).
  12. Not bitter, honest.
Link to fake "Flatout 3 game":
Link to a real FlatOut 3 game:

Posted by: Aergan

[Zune Music Pass Error C00D0BBE]Sunday 1st January 2012

AerganHad a major issue during my trial -> paid subscription Zune music pass service where I could no longer play anything in my subscription catalogue.

The error code was C00D0BBE.

I reinstalled Zune, tried the Zune Library reset tool and the DRM reset tool. None worked for me.

After signing back in and still not able to play my music I visted the Zune website and played some of my music through the Web Streaming service whilst I pondered what to do next. It took about 3 minutes to start to play a song and the quality was distorted. Then I noticed that the Zune client had kicked in playing Dragonforce along with the web streaming service playback.

I would advise anyone experiencing a similar issue to try the following:

  1. Reinstall the Zune client
  2. Restart windows
  3. Run Zune client
  4. Play a subscription based song (if working, great!)
  5. If the song fails, load up your Zune account on the web via Social -> Me -> Account
  6. Find a song that your have in your collection and play it through the web based player
  7. After a sucessful play, return to Zune client and try your songs again
Good luck.

Posted by: Aergan

[Assassin's Creed: Revelations]Thursday 1st December 2011

AerganMost fun yet, especially with sticky bombs at Ezio's disposal.

Collector's edition a bit underwhelming compared to previous titles.

Posted by: Aergan

[Batman: Arkham City]Sunday 23rd October 2011

AerganFantastic game! Made better by this:
Collector's Edition FTW!

Posted by: Aergan

[Gears Of War 3]Sunday 25th September 2011

AerganCompleted and worth every penny.
Fantastic start to finish.

Posted by: Aergan

[The Baconing - Finished]Monday 5th September 2011

AerganNot as long as Thongs Of Virtue but a bit longer than the original DeathSpank.

Quite good but the world is a bit linear and no where near as many side quests.

Insane Mode yet to be attempted for replay value.

Posted by: Aergan

[Xbox Gamer Card]Sunday 21st August 2011

AerganManaged to do some more work on it to re-use the Zune XML phasing. Shame there is no Xbox Live XML source for normal folks.

Posted by: Aergan

[DeathSpank - The Baconing]Sunday 21st August 2011


Get Adobe Flash Player

Posted by: Aergan

[Gears Of War 3]Saturday 13th August 2011


Get Adobe Flash Player

Pre-order time.

Posted by: Aergan

[Zune Card]Saturday 13th August 2011

AerganDecided to write a PHP based XML Paser for it as the Flash based one is unreliable and creates a massive performance hit.

Posted by: Aergan

[Linksys WAG320N]Saturday 16th July 2011

AerganAfter initial teething problems this POS router has left me seething.

  1. Can't maintain a WAN connection for longer than 24 hours.
  2. Can't enable port based QoS without causing the router to crash.
  3. Enabling WMM for Wireless triggers WiFi isolation despite it being turned OFF.
  4. DHCP leese times drop clients on expiry and reallocates all active in-use IP addresses.
  5. ADSL modem component decides to randomly redial the connection when the connection is active.
Avoid at all costs.

I have repaired a DG834GT (Just needed a new WiFi board) and will be sending Linksys back to Amazon UK.

Posted by: Aergan

[New Site]Sunday 10th July 2011

AerganNew site incoming.


All done. Should look great in or anything based on:
  • Mozilla FireFox 5+
  • Google Chrome 12+ / Safari 5.0.6+
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Using some HTML 5, CSS 3.0 and jscript.

    Posted by: Aergan

[Linksys WAG320N]Friday 8th July 2011

AerganPurchased a new router today after yet another Netgear failure. If it isn't a DG834GT, it has a seasonal lifespan.

Model in question is a Linksys by Cisco WAG320N.

Noticed that I could no longer get to my server via WiFi. Quick scan with iNet for iPhone confirms this and appears to be running in AP Isolation mode despite the factory default settings stating that this was dissabled. Joy.

The following rectifies it:

  1. Login to Router
  2. Click Wireless
  3. Click Advanced Wireless Settings
  4. Enable "AP Isolation"
  5. Save Settings
  6. Wait 20 seconds
  7. Disable "AP Isolation"
  8. Save Settings
  9. Wait 20 seconds
  10. Power off Router
  11. Wait 10 seconds
  12. Power back on - AP Isolation should be turned off correctly now.

One day we will all live in an utopian world where things work 'out of the box'.

CISCO Forums - WAG320N - LAN cleints cannot ping WLAN clients - ID:398183

Posted by: Aergan

[Windows 7 - Remote Desktop Jump List Not Working]Monday 27th June 2011

AerganAfter trying all the options I found the cause of my version of this issue.

Clear out: %AppData%MicrosoftWindowsRecentAutomaticDestinations
Open: Taskbar and Start Menu Properties -> Start Menu
Enable: Store and display recently opened items in the Start menu and the taskbar

Working fine now.

Posted by: Aergan

[Ashen]Sunday 10th April 2011

AerganExcelent reviews of cheap and knock off items with added British wit.

Posted by: Aergan

[Ubuntu 10.10 x64 - Apple Wireless Keyboard]Monday 28th March 2011

AerganI've finally been successful in getting the aforementioned to work together.

1. First, un-pair any Bluetooth devices and reboot.
2. Run the following to add Brian Rodgers PPA for Bluez [Linux Bluetooth Stack]
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:brian-rogers/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install bluez
3. Run this to remove any current Bluetooth configurations:
sudo rm -r /var/lib/bluetooth/* 4. Reboot
5. You can now pair the Apple Wireless Keyboard using Automatic Pin.
6. Reboot to check persistence in the setup.

Information gathered from the current Ubuntu Launchpad Bug tracker report:

Posted by: Aergan

[Xbox Live Down?]Monday 28th March 2011

AerganYesterday there appeared to be a routing issue for Xbox Live for UK dwellers which bamboozled my 9/10 kill streak challenge in Halo: Reach by disconnecting me mid-game.

All working again from last night though but had to do 10/10 kill streaks again.

Posted by: Aergan

[Resetting Windows 7 NTFS Permissions]Wednesday 9th March 2011

AerganAfter managing to make a bad situation worse, the following commands will reset NTFS permissions back to defaults. Launch an elevated command prompt and bash in the following as applicable.

For system drive:
secedit /configure /cfg %windir%\inf\defltbase.inf /db defltbase.sdb /verbose For non-system drives:
cd /driveletter: driveletter:
icacls * /T /Q /C /RESET

Posted by: Aergan

[Regedit Solves Everything - Windows 7 ISO Burner]Wednesday 23rd February 2011

AerganNoticed I had lost Windows 7's native ISO burning capabilities. I want to burn an ISO to reinstall Windows 7 to my Media Server....This is a bloody inconvienice.

Checked: Technet No solution as Windows can no longer write to a disc with data already written on it when using "Open With".

Fire open regedit:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




Now burning away like a dragon with a cold.

Posted by: Aergan

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