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[ Xbox 360 Avatar ] This section contains applications that I have written that are available for public release.

This section is due to grow depending on how things go. Most applications featured here will be written in AutoIt, Visual Basic or BATCH script for use only on NT 6.X (E.g. Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8) and should work on either x86/x64 architectures.

I accept no responsibility if it is claimed that these applications/scripts do not work or cause any issues on your machine. Please give credit if mirroring and supply a link back to this page/site.


Xbox 360 Wireless Remote Control
Description  |  
Allows mouse control and keyboard navigation with Xbox 360 Wireless Control Pad on Windows NT 6.X x86/x64 for Windows Media Center and XBMC
Help  |  
Turn Off / Turn On: Hold Back for 5 seconds, release
Move Mouse X/Y: Right Analogue Stick
Mouse Left Click: Left Trigger
Mouse Right Click: Right Trigger
Navigate Left: Dpad Left
Navigate Right: Dpad Right
Navigate Up: Dpad Up
Navigate Down: Dpad Down
Play/Pause: Start Button
Select: A Button
Back: B Button
Written In  |  AutoIt v3
Download  |  [Click me to Download]