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Avatar This is my personal/portfolio site which I publish items of interest, scripts, technical information and ramblings.

This site has evolved from being my test folder for scripts and designs into what you see today.;sonic

[Final Fantasy IX PAL (SLES-02965)]Friday 21st August 2015

AerganFor anyone playing/emulating Final Fantasy IX PAL (SLES-02965), I made this last weekend:#Vivi Jump Rope 9999 (Disc 1)
800784BB 270F
800784B9 0000

#Vivi Perfect Jump Every Time (Disc 1)
800784B9 0100
Works on ePSXe, Xplorer and Action Replay.

Posted by: Aergan

[ Collection]Saturday 1st August 2015

AerganStarted adding my game collection to Retrocollect:;sonic

Posted by: Aergan

[New PC Build @ PC Part Picker]Saturday 30th August 2014

AerganMy Dell L702X died (motherboard failure) so I've built a more sturdy Mini-ITX replacement:

Posted by: Aergan

[Blog]Saturday 26th April 2014

AerganI've created a Wordpress blog to cover my Master System II RetroPie project:

Posted by: Aergan

[CPUID CPU-Z]Friday 23rd August 2013

AerganIf CPU-Z is crashing after loading display information on start-up, add the following to your cpuz.ini file (Same directory as the application EXE):
This seems to be either a Windows 8 feature for dual GFX cards or likely an Nvidia Optimus issue.

Posted by: Aergan

[Playstation Network]Monday 27th May 2013

PSN Profile - Aergan

Posted by: Aergan

[Site update]Sunday 18th November 2012

AerganAdded and fixed a few things:

  • Removed Zune as it would appear that the XML services are dead from the switch to Xbox Music.
  • Added pages support to News (Navigation at the bottom of the page)
  • Performance & CSS fixes

Posted by: Aergan

[Xbox 360 Wireless Remote Control]Thursday 30th August 2012

AerganNew Applications Section and a new application for control of Windows, XBMC or Windows Media Center.


OS: Windows NT 6.X
Arch: x86/x64
H/W: Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver USB and any Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Control Pad.

Fixed broken download link.

Posted by: Aergan

[On Home-plugs]Friday 3rd August 2012

AerganWhen adding an Edimax 200 AV home-plug to an existing Belkin AV+ 200 setup, believe in Belkin's instructions which even cover practical scenarios and deployment options.

It's less than 3 seconds and more than 10 seconds, Edimax, not 10s and 30s.

No wonder I bought it listed as faulty from eBay.

Posted by: Aergan

[New Host & Domain Transfer]Saturday 14th July 2012

AerganChanged hosting and domain registrar to

Some improvements made (mostly bugs squished) plus I now have server performance information from the host and MySQL. It would appear I need to perform quite a bit of optimisation on the back-end (In progress).

Posted by: Aergan

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